The Challenge
Our Monthly Challenges are one way to help you show up every day.
Here’s how it works:

  • The Challenge typically starts on the first Monday of the month and runs through the end of the month.

  • For the Challenge try to show up every day between and .

  • Any PappaStrong movement counts as a ShowUp. You can do a Daily 15, a 5-min Hack, a stretching video, a Fix Me or whatever suits your body that day.

  • Your personal goal is to miss less than 5 show ups.

  • Our group goal is to have at least 50% of the Challengers show up everyday.

  • Keep track of your progress during the Monthly Challenge by visiting the ShowUps page and checking in each day. You can also keep an eye on the real time numbers for the group goal in the red bar on your My ShowUps Page. Right now, the Challenge and My ShowUps pages are only available in a browser so you will have to leave your app if that is where you are accessing your workouts.

  • At the end of the Challenge, everyone who reached their goal, will receive an email with prizes for meeting your individual goal and/or your group goal.

See you there.
Bring a Buddy
And if you want to gift a friend this month, you can always give a 1 month gift card ($8) and get your friend to join the challenge. You will have a partner in crime for the Challenge and hopefully they will love PappaStrong and stay on board! A lovely gift of strength. Who couldn’t use that, any ole time?